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A destination wedding is a multi day experience.  This gives the couple and their guests more time to enjoy each other and create lasting memories.   And what better place to do that then in paradise!

I help couples plan their dream destination wedding

Travel creates lasting connections to our travel companions and to the world around us.   

Combining my love of travel with my value of connections into being a destination wedding planner just made sense.  I help people travel to beautiful locations to celebrate their love together.  In the process, creating experiences and memories they can't get anywhere else. 

I believe the world is meant to be experienced with those we love the most. 

Travel is my happy place, what fills me with joy.

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Get to Know A Little About ME

5 quick things

I love to read.  Murder mysteries, vampire novels, romance novels, autobiographies, non-fiction.  You name it - I'll probably read it!

Avid Reader 

My family - my husband Matthew of 20 years and a little man Conner.  They are a huge part of my why.  I work to provide them a life filled with love, connection, and travels.

My Family 

I love traveling - anytime I am somewhere new I'm happy.  I especially love the beach, the sounds, the smells, everything about the water speaks to my soul. 

My Happy Place

Food speaks to the heart of a culture.  Trying new foods and tasting flavors of the country are really important to me.  I'm also celiac - which adds a layer of challenge to my travels.  But, i'm up to the challenge! 

Foodie (& Celiac)

There isn't hardly a place I wouldn't visit in this world. 
If could go anywhere I'd go to Egypt - no question.  I want to see the pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, all of it!

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I'm so glad you're here, stick around, there's so much to see, xo Lara


Hey there!
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